Course description

Algorithms lie at the heart of Firco Enterprise solutions. They have been created with and for Accuity customers in order to solve broad screening concerns shared by most financial institutions or to cope with specific regional issues. Understanding algorithms is key to understand how Firco Name Matching Filter is working. This course will give you an in-depth knowledge on each algorithm within the filter ecosystem. At the end of this course, you will be able to appraise impacts and risks associated to each decision of activation/deactivation.

Who should attend?

This course is for compliance/business teams in charge of making the decision of algorithms settings.


Experienced users (having at least one year experience working in the software) are most likely to benefit from this training but joiners are also encouraged to take the course.

Why attend?

Reasons to attend the training / carry out online training course:
  • Objectives
    • Get acquainted with the different categories of algorithms
    • Understand algorithms’ purpose, expected behavior and impact
    • Appraise inter-relationships and dependencies between algorithms and other settings
    • Understand why and when to disable algorithms as well as alternatives to deactivation
    • Know industry practices regarding deactivation
    • Gain confidence in explaining and justifying algorithm settings
  • Topics
    • Algorithms within the filter system
    • Chronology and categories
    • Background knowledge per category
    • In-depth algorithm presentation (history / primary screening context / related algorithms / dependencies / behavior and impact / examples / context of deactivation / alternatives
    • Combinations of algorithms
    • Risk assessment grid per screening context
    • Algorithm standards within the industry
For additional information, please contact fircotraining@accuity.com

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